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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 ..:: Our Work » Sacred Fire Press » Heard Around the Fire ::..

The heart has a direct connection to Divine.

Hear the heart's voice as you've never heard it before.



This book offers tools  to navigate troubled times. 





Learn to distinguish between heart and mind, understand the difference between pain and suffering, and discover how to live with joy.



Find new ways to think about your emotions, relationships, spiritual practice and life purpose.


These teachings carry a powerful medicine for your soul. You'll discover that the world around you is alive and full of wonderment.


Teachings of Grandfather Fire

$16.95 plus s&h

- These teachings are both funny and serious, contemporary and timeless. They have sparkling surfaces and mysterious depths. They come from the heart of the world, and speak to your heart and mine.

    Eliot Cowan
    Author, Plant Spirit Medicine

- This book provides an important touchstone because it helps root the teachings I have heard in my heart but that my mind has misinterpreted-teachings I was not yet ready to receive the first, second, or third time I heard them. These words can help guide your life. I am grateful that they are shared here for all to experience.

    Patrick Hanaway, MD
    President, American Board of Holistic Medicine

- There is great wisdom and guidance in these pages, wisdom that comes from the most ancient and most present source.  The task for you, Dear Readers, is to let go of the Western world-view and open to the possibility that the world is not only alive, but that it is speaking to us at all times in all ways.

    Jonathan Merritt
    Editor, Sacred Fire magazine


Leather Edition

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